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Meet Our Interns: Summer 2018

Name: Carsen McCune (Shown Left)

Internship: Social Media Marketing Intern

College: Indiana University

Major: Media Advertising

What interested you about m2 Performance Strategies? What first interested me about m2 was the “small business” aspect of the company. M2 only has a few full-time employees, but they remain a powerhouse. I liked this aspect of m2 because I’m a people person. I knew I would be able to get to know everyone in the office personally and build a strong relationship with each of them. Turns out, these women are pretty amazing!

What do you hope to get out of this internship? I hope to gain hands on experience and learn about the world of consulting, PR, and marketing. I am hoping to refine my current skills and learn new ones that will benefit me in a future full-time position. I will be graduating this coming May and am hoping to gain as much experience possible before heading out to the real world and (hopefully) finding a “big kid job.”

What classroom/professional experience do you bring to m2? I have taken countless classes that involve writing, public relations, and marketing in some capacity. I am in the media school at Indiana University and they really push being well-rounded in everything involved in communications. Work wise, I have interned at the Indianapolis Indians the past two years. While neither of my positions there dealt with communications specifically, both required me to represent the Indians as a brand, interact with customers and clients, and frame whatever it I was representing in a positive light. I was also the public relations chair for my sorority my sophomore year. Having this position gave me excellent practice to prepare me for my work at m2. As PR chair, I was responsible for the upkeep of all of our social media sites and our website. During my time as PR chair, I strived to make our social media accounts a reflection of who our chapter is as a whole, and as individuals.

What is your favorite part about working for m2? Where do I begin? I love getting to know all of my coworkers, the laid back nature of our office and all of the projects I have been given. If I had to pick one thing though, I have loved being able to work on projects that are outside of my “official” job description. Working with a small organization like m2, you have to wear a lot of hats. I have really enjoyed getting to do a lot of different things to see what I like, what i’m good at, and what area I might want to work in in the future.

Interesting Facts about You: I have a food Instagram and a lifestyle blog, both called bake + brunch! I’m obsessed with the show New Girl and have seen every episode at LEAST 3 times I make the BEST chocolate chip cookies in the world. No, seriously: Brown Butter Nutella Stuffed (three kinds of) Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Name: Alexa Struss (Shown Right)

Internship: Marketing and Events Intern

College: Purdue University Major: Public Relations and Strategic Communications

What interested you about m2 Performance Strategies? My interest in m2 began from the moment I stepped into the brightly colored office and was introduced to both bright-smiling Michelle's. I felt welcome at m2 and intrigued by their accomplishments as a 3-year-old company.

What do you hope to get out of this internship? I can only imagine what more I can get out of this internship than I already have thus far. Through the various events, marketing, and media projects I have received, I hope to apply this experience to my future career and go in with confidence to the field of Public Relations. Additionally, I can only hope to gain a life-long relationship with m2 and their team as people and a company!

What classroom/professional experience do you bring to m2? I am an upcoming Junior at Purdue University and through the Brian Lamb School of Communication, I have taken countless courses in Public Relations, Advertising, and General Communications. Additionally, I will be graduating with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship school has prepared me to be a leader in business and live life with a creative perspective. As a Junior, this summer with m2 will be my first college internship! Although, I worked as an intern for Allstate Insurance in high school and received skills in marketing and telecommunication. During my time at Purdue so far, I have taken on a few leadership positions. For my sorority, Chi Omega, I am the marketing events chair. In this role, I help publicize all philanthropic events and create materials. I am also the social media chair for the Purdue Dance Team, where I have learned several social media management skills.

What is your favorite part about working for m2? My favorite part of working for m2 is the constant motivation and laughter that surrounds the office each day. I enjoy the work I am given, and feel even more inclined to provide quality work for the inspiring and hard working women that are m2.

Interesting Facts about You: I LOVE to dance. I have been a member of the Purdue Dance Team for 3 years and danced competitively since the age of 5! I am now a dance teacher at Studio b in Lafayette and teach children of all ages. I am conversationally fluent in Portuguese after taking 4 semesters of the language. I am a Wish Granter for The Make-A-Wish Foundation, where I help families through the process of granting the wish of their child with a life-threatening illness.

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