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There are corporate events we barely remember.  And, there are corporate events we cannot forget. Let's lose the sticky nametags and the audio system no one can hear. We believe in events that create a culture full of energy. We believe in the unexpected. We believe in the brand you have worked so hard to create.  Let's build an event that reflects the heart of your organization.  Let's capture the attention of your guests.  Then, let's remind them why they agreed to join you.  It wasn't for a new nametag.


Events with a cause are a unique proposition.  You are competing with many other causes in your community. Telling your story and building the value of your group is critical to the development of a successful fundraising event.  You can't just ask for support.  You have to build an army of supporters committed to your cause.  We work with clients who need more depth on their team as they build their resources and network.  We believe in building coalitions and resource partners interested in moving your cause forward.  Once we help you develop an energized and committed coalition, we can plan a celebration to match.


Golf outings and sporting events can be the perfect venue to pull together a group.  Who doesn't enjoy a little friendly competition?  Too often, these traditional corporate events are just that....traditional and corporate.  We believe in creating a unique experience your guests can not find at similar events.  Let's brand your event with a bit of the unexpected.   Let's add some entertainment and a healthy dose of fun. Pretty soon, the corporate folks will forget it is a corporate event.  Just what you wanted!

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